Lifestyle Coaching Certification

There's a serious lack of patient compliance in between visits to their healthcare practitioner. They hear the advice you give but, no matter how hard they try, they don't always follow all of it.

The Lifestyle Certification offers the opportunity for practitioners involved in healthcare delivery to begin the transition to understanding the broad spectrum of issues involved in disease prevention and wellness. For practitioners that have an interest in patient lifestyle modifications, this certificate provides the necessary coursework to successfully understand the principles of advanced patient wellness.

This 4-part certification program is comprised of modules that focus on coaching methods for healthcare professionals, approaches to motivational counseling and an introduction to the psychology of behavioral change. In addition, the certificate features an advanced course in clinical nutrition which provides a novel approach to health maintenance and wellness.

Module XXIII (A) - Introduction to Lifestyle Coaching

This module provides information on how to guide the patient to successfully changing lifestyle habits to create sustainable, long-term health. Several steps are discussed to bring the patient through this process and models for success are offered.

Module XXIII (B) - Nutrition Coaching

This module discusses the immune system and digestion, along with toxins, detoxification and diet. The key avenues for toxin entry are overviewed, along with digestion, absorption, deposition, and utilization of all nutrients. Diet prescription and food preparation are taught and techniques are reviewed for overcoming objections by the patient.

Module XXIII (C) - Co-Active Coaching

This module focuses on the concept of the co-active coaching model. It discusses fundamentals of the model, the basics of the co-active coaching relationship and the coaching power triangle. The program instructs on how to utilize co-active coaching contexts, principles, practices and other skills.

Module XXIII (D) - Integrative Lifestyle Medicine

Several different topics of lifestyle coaching are explored, such as medication-induced nutritional depletions, foods as nutrients, treatment modalities, hormonal balance, energy levels and food additives. The module also discusses other factors that relate to health coaching-such as emotions, intuition, etc.-as well as skills to implement a comprehensive weight loss program for a patient.

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