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Metabolic Medical Institute, Inc. (MMI) is a medical organization dedicated to promoting health and prevention of disease by providing premium, University and science-based education to health professionals, researchers and the public.  MMI provides educational courses through conferences, workshops, online modules, and Fellowships and Certification programs.

MMI educational courses are affiliated with leading universities and taught by Nobel-prize winning scientists, expert clinicians and researchers drawn from a variety of medical, basic science, technology and business disciplines.  MMI programs are held to the highest standards of academic rigor and train practitioners in the methods of Metabolic, Preventive and Integrative Medicine, an approach that uncovers the deeper causes of disease and reveals the uniqueness of each patient. 

The goal is to create a complete and COMPREHENSIVE health care provider, with competencies in systems biology, the use of technology and advanced detection methods of disease, and research skills to collect data in clinical settings.

The Future of Medicine begins now.  Join us on our mission and become part of the Solution to the issues in healthcare now. Do not let your practice of medicine or your daily patient interactions be dictated by regulations that inhibit your abilities to make patients well and keep them well.

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