Module VI: A Metabolic and Functional Approach to Environmental Exposure and Detoxification

This module covers symptoms, disorders & diseases associated with exposures of heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, drugs, nutrients, the natural environment & other toxic causes of oxidative stress. This course describes the pathophysiology of toxic exposure, methods to prevent & avoid exposure including nutritional & lifestyle approaches, early detection, lab testing & treatment protocols. Metabolic, digestive & antioxidative detoxification phases & processes are detailed.

This module synthesizes the current research on environmental exposures in human health. MMI faculty will review the role of heavy metals, chemicals, medications and endogenous metabolites in common chronic illnesses. Specific attention will be placed on the clinical assessment of the patient, in order to develop safe and effective methods to reduce toxic burden and improve metabolic efficiency. All phases of detoxification will be reviewed, with an emphasis on nutritional supplementation and lifestyle support to enhance the body's capacity to mobilize and excrete pathologic exposures.

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Module VI: A Metabolic and Functional Approach to Environmental Exposure and Detoxification

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"I plan on learning more and possible pursue a Master's degree in this area."

- Catherine Hickey

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"Great Lectures. Really "love" how Dr Lavalle and Dr Heyman teach. Really enjoyed the cases with Dr Lavalle. Provided the global picture to disease and aging as inflammation and the body's lack of repair resources. Specifically PH Balance, mineralize, histamine status and Nutrient support!"

- David Tsai, MD

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