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Jennifer Landa, MD, Ob/Gyn specializes in helping women and men balance their hormones, restore their energy, and replenish their sex lives. At the heart of her practice is the belief that maintaining one’s health is hard work and she encourages her patients to make lifestyle changes that will result in increased health.

Dr. Landa’s focused, energetic, and straightforward style comes across well when she speaks in front of groups and on camera. She lectures nationally on preventive medicine and has appeared on national and local television. Dr. Landa just completed her fi rst book with co-author Virginia Hopkins. Their book, The Sex Drive Solution for Women, is a no-nonsense approach to many of the sex drive issues that Dr. Landa addresses with her patients every day.

The Sexual Health Certification will provide discussions and evidence-based protocols for the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of sexual health disorders in men and women. There will be a dual emphasis on learning of the evidence based scientific literature in the area of sexual health, learning of clinical practice protocols, and practices to allow participants to treat patients with the most up to date and comprehensive treatment tools. The teaching will be in didactic as well as participatory learning.

After the four modules the participant will be considered a Certified Sexual Health Clinician. The modules will be lively, engaging and informative providing the participant with the essential knowledge and skills needed to be able to comprehensively care for patients and couples who have sexual health challenges.

Module A: Overview Female Sexual Health

This module will introduce and cover many essential issues in female sexual health. The etiologies of female sexual dysfunction will be examined. Treatment protocols that are both evidence based and clinically relevant will be given throughout the lectures. The vulvar anatomy and disorders of the vulva will be covered thoroughly including the evaluation and treatment of such disorders by an expert in the field of vulvovaginal disorders and treatments for vaginal dryness from a Harvard gynecologist that includes everything from the conventional to the Ayurvedic. Strategies to improve female sexuality will be discussed some of which will include adrenal dysregulation as it affects sex drive (also called adrenal dysregulation and the hijack of sex drive)

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Module B: Male Sexual Health, Gay and Transgender Therapy

This module will cover all aspects of male sexual health, encompassing evaluation and treatment of male sexual dysfunction, including a comprehensive look at male hormone therapy, through discussion of testosterone therapy, oxytocin and treatment of premature ejaculation. The course will include a thorough update on all therapies for erectile dysfunction including not only the conventional medications and the best way to use them, but some other techniques including injectable therapies, vacuum pumps and surgical management. Special populations in men's health will be discussed, including treatment of sexual dysfunction after prostate cancer. Sexuality in the Lesbian, Gay and Transgender communities will be discussed extensively including sexual function, dysfunction and special considerations in treating these populations. Transgender hormone replacement therapy protocols will be reviewed.

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Module C: Impact of Medical and Psychological Conditions on Sexuality

This module will focus on various physical and emotional issues which result in sexual dysfunction. Treatment modalities will be discussed with focus on breast cancer patients and urogynecologi issues. Examples and discussion will be reviewed to gain an understanding on identifying and/or properly referring patients with psychologic aspect of of sexual dysfunction. Additionally issues such as chronic medical disease, including CVD and diabetes will be presented and protocols to overcome sexual dysfunction when dealing with a chronic disease state. In-depth discussions regarding depression and sexuality will be offered throughout this module.

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Module D: Hormones and sexual dysfunction plus sex and pregnancy (prenatal, pregnant and postpartum)

This module will provide a rational, step-care clinical paradigm to better care for patients and couples suffering with intimacy issues. Learn about various sexual dysfunction issues during phases of sexual response cycle that prevents the individual or couple from experiencing satisfaction from the sexual activity. Discussions will relate to physical causes as well as psychological causes. This learning experience will include didactic lectures, question-and-answer sessions, case studies with ample discussion for emphasis of critical points and treatment protocols.

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