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"The MMI program addresses the core tenets of any Wellness program - Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Management, Sleep - in the most comprehensive way I have ever experienced. This program is a must for any Integrative minded physician or health care provider."

- Dennis Goodman MD FACC - Clinical Assoc Prof of Medicine, NYU, Director of Integrative Medicine, NYU

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"The conference in Miami was a wealth of useable information. I recommend that any physician who wants to expand their professional skills set attend.   I left motivated and inspired.   Thank you MMI for helping me make the shift."

- Rashelle Fox

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"I found the weekend extremely informative and well organized. I will start implementing both nutrition and exercise protocols this week!  I look forward to the next course and am looking forward to sharing this knowledge with my colleagues."

- Carol Igel, MD

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"The Healthy Aging Symposium was exceptional. It was a coup to have Dr Fasano speak along with Drs. Houston, Perlmutter and Rosenberg: an incredible team! The interdisciplinary manner in which the various sub specialists applied the latest science to integrate and relate dysfunction across GI, Neurology and Cardiovascular areas was absolutely brilliant. What was even more remarkable were the "pearls" each doctor shared about how to use the information the next day in the office to guide patients with an effective, restorative healing plan.  I look forward to further expanding my understanding and my toolbox in the upcoming MMI conferences!"

- Kathleen O'Neil Smith, MD

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"I really enjoyed the MMI conference.  I found it to be very informative and immediately applicable to my medical practice."

- Elizabeth Swenor, DO

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The faculty are experienced in each of their topics and they were very accessible for questions.   I was exposed to new concepts I have not been familiar with, but certainly expect to apply in my practice. The case discussions were very helpful in putting all the information together. It was inspiring and I am already using the knowledge with better understanding and treatment of my patients. I certainly came out of the conference wanting to complete the fellowship."

 - Mydralis Diaz, MD

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"I thoroughly enjoyed this past weekend at Harvard.  The speakers were outstanding and in particular Dr. Fassano.  Dr. Fassano is a dynamic speaker who is able to capture the audience with his quick wit and command of information.   His unique ability to view the information in both a microscopic and a telescopic way, allows attendees to develop an intellectual architecture around the information.

I highly recommend this symposium to anyone who is interested in cutting edge information on functional and integrated medicine."

- Dr. Susan L. Marra

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"You're all to be congratulated for the in-depth treatment of the fascinating, cutting-edge, yet profoundly relevant lecture material."

- Eve Feret, MD

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"I thoroughly enjoyed the Symposium. All the presenters were excellent communicators and though I hoped I would learn new things by attending, my expectations were well and truly exceeded."

- Wallace Bridge

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My recent experience with course IV at MMI was outstanding! The curriculum proved to be very helpful in my practice, and completely changes my perception of immune stress and its consequences.

The speakers were all outstanding with impeccable profiles.  I am excited to continue my pursuit of training with the MMI as this program pulls systems together for a full integrative understanding of metabolic derangements."

- Dr. Kenneth Orbeck

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"After four years of Graduate School at UCLA and two residencies, followed by over thirty years of practice, I was faced with a gnawing frustration due to the lack of scientific extent in the practice of medicine.

Finally deciding to take the plunge into MMI was an absolutely revolutionary experience with an explosion of scientific data presented by world renowned scientists and clinicians whose articles I have read for years. This one course this weekend has given me hope to master the molecular and integrative specialty, which has been my passion from the start."

- Douglas Beatty, MD

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