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MMI is proud to announce the affiliation with 2 accredited universities and medical schools.

We are happy to offer our practitioners the caliber of education that is supported and encouraged by two universities. There is an undisputable universal shift into more personalized medicine arising from advances in technology to detect genetic and metabolic predispositions to disease, the utility of these technologies by clinicians, and an increasing awareness by patients who request this type of clinical service. Due to this shift, there is a new demand in medical education. We are so happy to work in collaboration with two revolutionary universities that have incorporated this demand into their medical curricula and we are proud to provide education encompassing a fully comprehensive medical approach to their students.

Regardless of which program fits your practice or your medical interests, both programs provide you with university credits towards Master's Degrees and Graduate Certificates.

Each University program has its own set of requirements but both have been designed with a busy practitioner in mind. The curriculum for each program is geared to allow a practitioner to easily complete it at their pace and the majority of the material is accomplished online.

For further information, please refer to each separate program below. Please call our educational advisors for any specific questions on the enrollment process or for further educational guidance at 561-997-0112.

If you would like to start the application process at GWU, please click this link.

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